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Process Datalogger - Digital Portable Process Datalogger


Digital Portable Process Datalogger
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R. S. PROCESS SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. HTLOG 742T series Data Logger / Indicator are digital electronic marvels is a power full Datalogger. The unit can store 4,000 records per channel at the programmed interval. You can store as many data sets as you want until memory is full. The unit comes with windows - based software (windows 98, NT, XP) for the display & saving
HTLOG - 742TH is a combined unit for mesuring temperature & Humidity are in fact two instruments combined into one compact unit for direct reading in case of relative humidity (%RH) & dry bulb temperature without the need to select differnt probes. The high quality HYGROCLIPS Sensor module for measuring Relative humidity & temperature is 100 % Exchangeable with out readjustment which offers advantage of no loss of time in recalibrating & readjusting
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